Horn OK whaaaaat??

Horn OK Please is where we explore supply chains, commerce, and mobility in India. In each episode, we build an appreciation for the global challenges in these industries and dive into organizations that are taking them on.

I’m your host, Shreyas Kadaba, and Horn OK Please is my personal exploration of these industries. I worked on logistics-tech at Flexport in San Francisco and now work on ocean consolidations at Silq in Bangalore. Hit subscribe to join me on this ride!

Ah, and yeah, you’re probably confused about the name… “Horn OK Please” isn’t just bad English. It’s a phrase that goes hand-in-hand with trucking in India. Truck drivers often paint it on the back of their trucks with vibrant colors and traditional artwork. “Horn Please” indicates that they want you to honk to grab their attention. “OK”, on the other hand, is a bit more nebulous 🤷🏽‍♂️

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Supply chains, commerce, and mobility in India


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