Horn OK Please
Horn OK Please
E4 | Farmart
E4 | Farmart
B2B food supply platform that's making farm-to-fork ideal for everyone

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In today’s episode, we dive into Farmart. Farmart, founded in 2015, is a B2B food supply platform. The company offers software and services to simplify the lives of agri-retailers, farmers, and food production businesses alike. They've developed an innovative model to source produce from the retailers that traditionally sell seeds to farmers. It makes farm to fork possible at scale and is based on deep customer research. Farmart has raised ~$48mil to date from investors including General Catalyst and Matrix Partners India. To help us with this exploration, I’m joined by Alekh Sanghera. Alekh is the Co-Founder and CEO of Farmart. Together, we explore topics including the challenges in the agriculture sector, Farmart’s journey from being a free CRM tool to a marketplace for produce, and strategies to build products for SMEs.


Horn OK Please

Horn OK Please

Supply chains, commerce, and mobility in India

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