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E6 | Delhivery

E6 | Delhivery

The backbone of eCommerce in India

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Delhivery is a titan in the Indian logistics landscape. The company started out doing hyperlocal deliveries in Gurgaon in 2011. Pretty quickly, it moved into express parcel deliveries and served as the backbone for India’s eCommerce boom in the following years. Today, as a public company with ~$900mil in revenue, Delhivery’s story demonstrates how technology can transform logistics.

To help us with this exploration, I’m joined by Kshitij Chopra. Kshitij is the Head of Product at Delhivery. He was also the company’s first product hire back in 2015 and has worn many hats since then. Together, we explore Delhivery’s business lines, the role of the government in logistics, and Kshitij’s personal journey building technology at Delhivery.


Horn OK Please
Horn OK Please
Supply chains, commerce, and mobility in India
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