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E5 | Pidge

E5 | Pidge

Pushing the borders on intra-city logistics

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Pidge is a last-mile logistics service provider that supports small and medium enterprises with intra-city shipments.

  • On the demand side, Pidge works disparate customers including D2C brands, restaurants, and medical companies. These companies either outsource their deliveries to Pidge or use Pidge’s software to manage an in-house delivery process.

  • On the supply side, Pidge runs an asset-light model. Unlike quick commerce platforms such as Dunzo and Zepto, the company doesn’t maintain its own fleet of vehicles. Instead, it relies on a network of delivery partners to fulfill orders. By working with clients across an array of industries, Pidge provides a consistent level of business to its delivery partners. It also maximizes network utilization and fulfills nearly 100% of incoming requests.

Having enabled over 5 million deliveries since 2019, the company is leaving its mark as a leading LSP and logistics tech business. To help us with this exploration, I’m joined by Ratnesh Verma. Ratnesh is the Co-Founder and CEO of Pidge. Together, we explore Pidge's core value propositions, how the company addresses fluctuating customer demand, and how it maintains positive unit economics.


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Horn OK Please
Horn OK Please
Supply chains, commerce, and mobility in India
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