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E7 | Banofi Leather

E7 | Banofi Leather

Sustainable leather from banana crop waste

Banofi Leather is a sustainable fashion startup converting banana crop waste into plant-based leather. Based in the leather district of Kolkata, the company combines cutting-edge material science with the scrappiness you’d expect from an early-stage business. My guest, Jinali Mody, is the Founder and CEO of Banofi. She started building the company as a student at Yale University and won the Hult Prize in 2023 for her efforts thus far! In this episode, we cover:

  • The value chain of sustainable fashion

  • Jinali’s experience founding Banofi as a student at Yale

  • Why Banofi is currently a B2B company

  • The paradox between durability and sustainability

  • The consumer’s responsibility in making fashion more sustainable


  • Connect with Jinali on LinkedIn

  • Connect with Shreyas on LinkedIn

  • Jinali’s take on the need for consumers to be more forgiving: link

  • McKinsey podcast about sustainability in the fashion industry: link

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